The Road Signs pack


Create a slide show for your students to learn the different types of signs and to practice sign identification.

Test your learner drivers on the road signs.


How it works

These images are taken directly from The official New Zealand road code and can be downloaded and used in a variety of ways to help students learn the road signs

The official New Zealand road code

When you download and unzip the file, you will see that there are 37 pairs of images. Each pair has a question and an answer, and their file name connects to the page they are on in the road code.

  • The question image shows the road sign or a group of signs.
  • The answer image shows the same image with the explanation of the signs or types of signs.
No left turn road sign You must not turn left

How to use it

Slide show

  • Create a digital slide show by showing a question image to your learners.
  • Encourage the learners to discuss in a group what the sign or group of signs may mean.
  • Show them the corresponding answer image so the learners can check if they were correct or need more practise on that example.